Clio provides my law office, Pearson IP, law office management software since July, 2019. Clio combines document management, contact management, timekeeping, invoicing, and trust accounting. Clio Grow is our CRM. Microsoft Office 365 provides document creation. DocketTrak provides deadline tracking for patents, trademarks, and copyrights. QuickBooks handles the accounting. LawPay processes credit-card payments.

Clio pros

  • Tight integration between contacts, documents, billing, and time keeping.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office
  • Integrates with Fujitsu ScanSnap ix 1500 scanner.
  • Fast support
  • Helpful onboarding
  • Fast for an online system
  • DocketTrak integrates with only one practice management software, Clio.
  • Tight integration with LawPay.

Clio Cons

  • Document Management is not as good as Worldox. Finding documents is trickier than I would like.
  • Customizable fields needs in document management to help searching/filtering
  • Tracking time on flat fees not available. Makes it hard to calculate effective hourly rate.
  • Text Snippets cannot be shared between users.
  • Syncing between Clio Manage and Clio Grow is one way.
  • Document Integration with OneDrive is not complete. Documents in one drive are not indexed by full text. A search of OneDrive is separate from Clio’s Document Manager. So, now I have two places to look.

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