Loren Donald Pearson

Loren Donald Pearson is a Registered Patent Attorney and a Florida Bar Board Certified Intellectual Property Attorney.  He is a partner at Assouline & Berlowe, PA and leads its intellectual property group.  Read his profile

Trademarks help consumers to identify the source of a good service.  In lay words, trademarks help customers know who makes a good or service.

Loren Donald Pearson helps his clients register their trademarks (i.e. trademark prosecution) in the United States, in Florida, and in other countries.  Loren Donald Pearson is a Florida Bar Board Certified Intellectual Property Attorney and has over 15 years experience practicing in this field.  He is a partner at Assouline & Berlowe, P.A. and works in their Miami office.

Loren Donald Pearson offers the following trademark services:

  • filing trademark applications
  • answering office actions
  • maintaining registrations
  • Florida trademark registrations
  • U.S. trademark registrations
  • Madrid protocol registrations
  • international trademarks
  • selection of trademarks
  • trademark searches
  • inter-partes disputes at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) (including oppositions, cancellations, interferences, and concurrent use proceedings
  • trademark infringement litigation

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