Loren Donald Pearson

Loren Donald Pearson is a Registered Patent Attorney and a Florida Bar Board Certified Intellectual Property Attorney.  He is a partner at Assouline & Berlowe, PA and leads its intellectual property group.  Read his profile

Patent Searches

Patent searches search for prior art (usually patents and published patent applications).

Search results for the basis for opinions.

Patentability opinions predict the results in the patent office and can be used to judge the scope of a patent.

Validity opinions use the prior art to determine if a given patent never should have been granted for reasons relating to the discovered prior art.

Freedom-to-operate opinions evaluate a given technolgy are and are used to predict if using a particular technology will result in infringing another's rights.

Traditionally searches are done at one time.

Standing searches now can be configured to update the results of a particular search on a continious basis.  The results are used to measure interest in a field and to find potential licenssees and infringers.