Loren Donald Pearson

Loren Donald Pearson is a Registered Patent Attorney and a Florida Bar Board Certified Intellectual Property Attorney.  He is a partner at Assouline & Berlowe, PA and leads its intellectual property group.  Read his profile

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International Patent System Marks Two Millionth Filing

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) announced the filing of the Two Millionth Patent Application filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).  The PCT provides a way to preserve your international patent rights with a minimum of up-front expense.  Then, if your domestic application is approved and your business and markets grow, then you pay the expense of international patent protection later.

But today I don't want to hear about the other PCT applications.  I JUST WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR ONE INVENTION that is the most important to YOU!

The PCT is a system that helps patent applicants to extend their patent rights to other countries.  The deadlines and formalities are strict.  Many foreign associates are not reliable and exceed budgets.

For outgoing international applications and national phase applications, Loren Pearson works with a flat fee to act as your outside general counsel.  As your outside general counsel, I control costs and qualify the foreign attorneys.  That means no missed deadlines and no runaway costs.

For incoming US national phase applications, I have significant experience in dealing with formalities and timing of filing.  In addition, I aggressively use strategies like the patent prosecution highway, foreign priority, and the common owner exception to minimize using substantive arguments that can lead to higher costs and patent prosecution estoppel.

Request a PCT consultation with Loren Pearson so your one big invention stands out from the other two million!


Faster Patents to and from Mexico

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) has been extended between the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

PPH will permit each office to benefit from work previously done by the other office, which reduces the examination workload and improves patent quality. The expedited examination in each office allows applicants to obtain corresponding patents faster and more efficiently in each country.  Under the PPH pilot program an Office of Second Filing (OSF) may utilize the search and examination results of a national application filed in the Office of First Filing (OFF) in a corresponding application filed under the Paris Convention in the OSF.

Under the Patent Prosecution Highway, an applicant receiving a ruling from IMPI that at least one claim in an application is patentable may request that the USPTO fast track the examination of corresponding claims in corresponding applications. Similarly, if the USPTO determines that at least one claim is patentable, the applicant may request accelerated processing of corresponding applications filed at IMPI.

I have previously used the Patent Prosecution Highway for other jurisdictions (e.g. Europe).  The results were dramatic.  Basically, the foreign filing was green-lighted based on the U.S. approval.  This should be a great benefit for any US applicant seeking to extend their patent to Mexico or for US applicants with allowed claims in Mexico.

For U.S. applicants seeking patent protection in Mexico(MX), we work with professional, reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective Mexican patent attorneys to protect your case.

For Mexican applicants seekd patent protection in the United States (US), I have significant experience filing incoming foreign-based applications based on the Paris Convention and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). 

Contact our office to arrange an appointment to discuss your Mexico-related patent case.